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3 Best Commerce Platforms for Startups

Ecommerce business won all the favors world-wide, and is currently a multi-million dollar soaring industry. Being one of the most lucrative prospects, every online entrepreneur wants to succeed in an ecommerce game. With plethora of ecommerce platforms, which choice will do equity to your venture? Will the best ecommerce platform 2018 help you prevail more in entire scenario?

Being that said, let’s say you’ve come up with a new product category which is quite interesting that you want to share it with the whole world. Yet owing to zero learning on ecommerce, you don’t know how to do it. Since ecommerce giants have already set some huge standards for success, it becomes difficult to cope with them. You, as a retailer, would deal with a lot of pressure and a limited budget would resist you to keep up with such norm. Basically, you will need to build your online presence on web. But, with constrained assets and limited time, how is it even possible?

Yes it is possible. Best ecommerce platform for startups have made it achievable. Let’s look at top 3 of them.


Indeed, it’s the big name when it comes to the best ecommerce platforms for startups. Without having to mess with code, small business owners can enjoy a clean and clear interface. By getting started, BigCommerce can make the whole ecommerce journey a piece of cake for newbies.


From the makers of WordPress, WooCommerce is a fresh breath for small merchants. It doesn’t cost them a cent to use it. And if you’ve worked earlier with WordPress then working with WooCommerce would be a walk in a park. Their focus on millennial market has made buyers to shop on the go. However, the platform has some limitations. One of them is its limited scalability.  What happens when your store would go bigger than what it is now? Will your startup platform be able to adjust with it?


Hardly, you will find any article without mentioning name of this top platform. Well, Shopify deserves it. The way it gives wings to your business makes it apart from the rest. With tons of awesome templates and apps, the platform has full ability to create a stunning store.


In the end, when you conduct an ecommerce platforms comparison, you need to see both downsides and benefits of a platform. This will help you find a better tool.

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